We Need To Rewild The Internet

“The internet has become an extractive and fragile monoculture. But we can revitalize it using lessons learned by ecologists. […] The internetโ€™s 2010s, its boom years, may have been the first glorious harvest that exhausted a one-time bonanza of diversity. […] Rewilding is a positive vision for the networks we want to live inside, and a shared story for how we get there. […]

Whatever we do, the internet isnโ€™t returning to old-school then-common interfaces like FTP and Gopher, or organizations operating their own mail servers again instead of off-the-shelf solutions like G-Suite. But some of what we need is already here, especially on the web. Look at the resurgence of RSS feeds, email newsletters and blogs, as we discover (yet again) that relying on one app to host global conversations creates a single point of failure and control.[..]

A rewilded internet will have many more service choices.”

An invigorating must-read.

We Need To Rewild The Internetย