A JavaScript Learning Roadmap

Since I had quite some fun redacting my 2017 Reading List, I thought it would be a good idea to write an article about learning JavaScript, something I would have loved to read when starting out, or during various stages of my ongoing learning process.

Some of the resources in this post are from Sitepoint Premium (meaning you need to pay a subscription fee). I’m sure there are other resources out there, but right now Sitepoint is what I’m using.

Here we go!

JavaScript for web designers (book by Mat Marquis)

Introduction to JavaScript (video series by M. David Green)

Everything you wanted to know about JavaScript scope (article by Todd Motto)

Bind and This (Video by FunFunFunctions)

JavaScript Next Steps (video by M. David Green)

JavaScript 30 (video series by Wes Bos)

Handle Your Layouts with JavaScript and Handlebars (Video)

Let’s Learn ES6 (YouTube videos by Ryan Christiani)

Intro to React (Free course, articles + videos by React Training)

Express in action (book by Evan M. Hahn)


Try to get into the habit of using a linter like ESlint as soon as possible. It not only helps writing good code, but also helps you to understand why your code might be wrong.
Depending on your code editor, you will be able to install the proper linting plugin.


  • Make time to study, follow each article and make sure you stop and try things out in jsBin. Each time you don’t understand something, take your time to understand why something works or doesn’t work.
  • Keep a diary of your studies in a note editor (I use Evernote) so that you can go back to your notes when needed.
  • Keep it up!

I know there is a lot to learn out there, but be reassured about the fact that no one can possibly know it all. Just stay confident and on track, work your fundamentals and try not to be distracted by the latest framework/technique.

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