Top 10 packages served by jsdelivr

Today 14th of March 2019 I was surprised reading the chart of the top 10 npm packages served by, as it contains some entries I never heard of, and some others I would’t expect to top the chart.

  1. Slick Carousel is number one. And I thought sliders were dying.
  2. Yandex Metrics, I suppose it makes sense.
  3. Emojione, I didn’t even know it existed. Apparently lots of companies use it. Wow.
  4. Bootstrap. Ok it’s Bootstrap. People do Bootstrap. Do you Bootstrap?
  5. Font Awesome. Everybody likes it.
  6. jQuery, the former king of JS land. Apparently still is. After Slick.
  7. JS Cookie. The cookie monster.
  8. hls.js is used to do media streaming. Wow, never heard of it, such ignorance.
  9. Vanilla lazyload, because images are getting heavier and heavier and performance matter, I think.
  10. Prebid universal creative. What? Prebid what? “A javascript api to render multiple formats.” Ok. I suppose I’ll know when I need it.

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