Using Linters

Using Linters

What is a linter?

According to google, the definition of “lint” is “short, fine fibres which separate from the surface of cloth or yarn during processing.”

However for us programmers a linter is a software that checks your code for errors, bad practices, bad formatting and logical issues, and gives you a warning when you make a mistake. A linter can be configurable according to rules that you decide.

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My 2017 Reading List

My 2017 Reading List

Here is my 2017 reading list. . Also, I’ve decided to start using Goodreads more consistently in my effort to read more!
Some of the books (the ones marked with *) are taken from Scott Adams’ “Persuasion Reading List”. The reason why I’m adding them is that I think it’s good to be a little bit more aware of what happens around us.
Some others (the ones with two **) were recommended by my good friend Oleg Belousov.

Latest update: 04th of February 2017

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Modifying WP API response to add previous and next post ID

I am pretty sure most people have at least heard about the mighty WordPress APIs. These APIs make it possible to create, modify and retrieve posts from our WordPress installations, although what we really want to do the most should be to using WordPress as an awesome backend to power cool applications. Think the possibilities…

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Super GiGi Flexbox grid system

Flexbox has been getting lots of attention lately, and rightly so, as it makes it possible to solve problems in unique and responsive ways.
You might want to take into consideration Flexbox-based layouts in case you are building a truly responsive web application and you want to take advantage of cool Flexbox properties like ordering, direction, wrapping, growing, etc.

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