I’ve been running WordPress on traditional hosting for years. I’ve fallen in love with it, I’ve been (and still am) a WordPress evangelist, and today I took a step I never thought about taking before today.

You see, the thing is that I just don’t want to pay for hosting anymore. I love my hosting company, but I think a full hosting account just to do some blogging is overkill. So at first I thought about migrating to medium.com, I tried it out (yes, you can export your posts from a WordPress installation to Medium), but was left a bit “meh” by the lack of customization. I wanted something more.

Then I thought about wordpress.com, and I realized I didn’t know much about it, despite being a WordPress user and developer.

So i tried it out, checked out its admin section (a simplified WordPress admin), checked out the free themes (premium themes are available too), discovered a Mac app was available too (along with Win, Linux, iOs and Android). Everything was great!

In case I felt like it, I could pay around 3€ monthly to use my own domain, remove ads and get more storage for media. With 8€ monthly you get more customization option (more color schemes, design choices, and custom CSS), and for 25€ you get lots of tools and stuff. Very interesting (indeed I’ll keep wordpress.com in mind the next time somebody asks me to setup a site for them) but for my own blog I’m keeping my plan, especially because I found out that by paying 13€ annually, I could even use my domain with my wordpress.com blog.

I was sold!

So here it is, this is my “new” blog. Sweet design, great admin interface, and the familiar WordPress vibe!


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