Come on Valve, fix those icons

Posted on Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Update 24th October 2018: This is not the case anymore! Yay! The steam client has been updated, not sure when it happened, but it has happened! Hooray!

Maybe it’s my OCD, but you know what is the main reason i don’t buy any game from Steam? No, it’s not that I am on a Mac.

Also, it’s not because Steam is a slow and bloated application, no.

The real reason are those icon in the top right corner, the ones used to close, minimize and maximize applications.

These ones:

You see, on current macOS those icons are nice and flat. Actually, they’ve been like that since 2014 when Yosemite was introduced.

Now, let me show you Steam for Mac.

Yes, they are still the old pre-2014 icons.

Why. Why did Valve decide not to update the icons on their Steam client over these years?

Is it too hard? Should I really think that the people who created Portal are unable to replace three icons? Clearly not.

Do they have no employees or interns that can spend a few hours working on these icons? Also, clearly not the case, right? It’s freaking Valve we’re talking about.

So the only option left is they don’t care enough. And I hate giving my money to companies that do not care and cannot find one hour over the course of 4 years to improve their customer experience.

So I wonder, how many people are like me? This might be a very cost-effective UI improvement for Valve, especially because Mac people are fixated with UI consistency and stuff like this, it’s the main reason they get a Mac after all.

Actually, those icons are the reason i started using GOG in the first place. It surely helps that GOG is better than Steam in so many other ways, so I wouldn’t go back now, but still… why, Valve?