Search with Google instead

Posted on Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

As a Duckduckgo user, I sometimes (like, a couple of times a day) feel like I want to give Google a try to see if I get better/different results.

Since I got tired of copy/pasting my query, opening a new tab, go to, and paste my query, I decided to create a little extension that does it for me. Just click on the blue button, and a new tab with your search within Google opens up.

It is called¬†“Search with Google instead”¬†and it can be downloaded from the Google extensions store.

You can find it here

PS: The extension also works with Bing.

PPS: I have been told Duckduckgo supports !bang queries. That is super, but still I think my extension solves a little problem for those quicker with their mouse than their keyboard.