Milano Frontend Meetup

A few days ago, I was browsing looking for front-end web-development meetups in my area (Milan, Italy) and to my surprise, I found none. There were a few quite specialized ones like M&M Mean Milan, MeteorJS Milano or MongoDB Milan, but I couldn’t fine a more generic one where people could talk about front-end in general.

So I was like "What the hell, let’s do it!" and I opened a new meetup group, the Milano Front-end Web-development Meetup. Since creating the group, we’ve already got 40 subscribers, which I think is cool.
The goal of the group would be to talk about all things front-end, from CSS to SVG to JS to HTML. I’ve also created a Twitter account to go with it.

The first meeting will be on the 30th of October so if you live in the area, then by all means join us!