Using Atom Text Editor

Posted on: 24 February 2016
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I've recently started falling in love with the Atom editor. So much so, that I'm planning to hold a presentation about this little piece of software during one the upcoming local front end meetups.

There are a number of reasons why I decided to switch from Sublime to Atom:

As good as (or better than) Sublime Text

In order for a browser to compete in the editors market, it's got to be at least on par with Sublime Text when it comes to the main functionalities. And Atom is.

Support and Community

This is really great, you can read and partecipate in Atom discussions, access the Atom Slack to chat about all things Atom, and read a well written documentation.

Active development

Atom is actively developed, and releases happen quite often.

Ease of setup and use

I find Atom way easier to configure than Sublime Text. While in the latter all of the configurations need to be done using json files, in the former you get most of the settings exposed through a settings interface. Plus, you can still go deeper using cson files. Neat.

Package Manager

Again, Atom has a nice interface when it comes to package management. You can search for plugins and themes right from the package manager, and you can install, disable or uninstall them too. Way better than Sublime's weird package control.

Powered by Chromium

Atom is an app powered by Chromium. To me this means that all kind of crazy things are possible!

Stay tuned, more to come!