Search with Google instead

Posted on Wed, 08 Aug 2018 00:09:51 GMT

As a Duckduckgo user, I sometimes (like, a couple of times a day) feel like I want to give Google a try to see if I get better/different results.

Since I got tired of copy/pasting my query, opening a new tab, go to, and paste my query, I decided to create a little extension that does it for me. Just click on the blue button, and a new tab with your search within Google opens up.

It is called "Search with Google instead" and it can be downloaded from the Google extensions store.

You can find it here

PS: The extension also works with Bing.

PPS: I have been told Duckduckgo supports !bang queries. That is super, but still I think my extension solves a little problem for those quicker with their mouse than their keyboard.