Welcome to my new blog

Posted on Tue, 23 Oct 2018 00:12:24 GMT

Today I have launched my new blog. It is not simply a new theme; it also has got an entirely new technical architecture to go with it.

But first, I want to take the chance to go through all the designs I did for this site over the years, with a little help from the Wayback Machine. Unfortunately some iterations have been lost, but it is still fun to look at:

2012 Theme (using a different domain)

2014 Theme

2015 Theme

2017 Theme

Talking about the technological side, the site has been powered by WordPress for years, until early 2018 when I switched it to a static site, still generated from WordPress.

So, this morning I am deploying the version of the site you can see now. It is a purely frontend website, with its content pulled from Contentful. I have decided not to use any frontend framework after having played around with React, Preact, React router, and Next.js. It was fun to implement my site with different tools, and I learnt a lot during the process, but in the end I decided all that stuff was overkill, and went with vanilla JavaScript. The only JavaScript library I use is Navigo.js for routing.

I feel really happy with the result, I like the new design and the site is super fast. Plus, I can create new posts just by creating new markdown files. Google can even index JavaScript rendered pages, so what's not to love? 🙂

UPDATE 2019: I'm back to using WordPress, which then generates a static website. I love the usability of the admin area, cannot live without it!

UPDATE 2020: I've switched to Eleventy :)