61% through 2020

Posted on Wed, 12 Aug 2020 23:55:04 GMT

We're 61% through 2020. Quite a year so far.

Today we learn about massive layoffs at Mozilla, involving both the MDN and Devtools teams, among others. It seems clear to me that if you layoff the devtools team, you don't want to keep playing the browser game in the long run, and if you layoff the MDN team you're not interested in being that involved in the web community.

One can't fail to see a pattern there, and wonder: will we soon get a Chromium based Firefox browser? I think it's likely.
What this will in case it happens, I'm not exactly sure.

But if that is indeed the case, we're going to need good React devtools in Safari I think, so we can debug our stuff out.

We'll see I guess.