Best Basic WordPress Plugins Roundup

Published on April 23rd, 2013

In this post I’d like to talk about those plugin I find absolutely, positively, undeniably, absolutely useful and are a standard in almost all of my WordPress installations. What are yours?

6. Google Analytics Dashboard
Because having Google Analytics right in your dashboard is cool.

5. Google XML sitemap generator
This one needs no explanation, it simply takes care of generating your sitemap, and sending it to search engines. Nice.

4. Simple Image Sizes
Instead of changing functions.php file, just use this plugin to set your image sizes and regenerate thumbnails.

3. Quick Cache
Just like the name says, a simple and quick cache.

2. Global Settings
If you need to set global values for your blog (like a text or an image that needs to appear in various spots around the site), this is the one.

1. Advanced Custom Fields
In case you want to wildly extend custom fields beyond your imagination, this plugin is for you. Absolute genius.

My friend @patriziord also recommends the following useful plugin:

1. Jigoshop
A simple and solid solution for basic WordPress based e-shops

Cool calendar software

UPDATE: this one is also a cool plugin: Shortcoder