Website Update – 19th of April 2024

Couldn’t help appreciate the lush green of the leaves overhead on a Sunday walk through Yorkshire.
Photo by Ash from Modern Afflatus on Unsplash

I’ve been growing increasingly tired with my old theme… so I created this new fresh one.

The idea behind it is to have a personal dashboard (I recently learned it can be referred to as the now page) where visitors can see my current activities: my reading list, the games I’m playing, the music I’m listening to, etc.

I like this layout for my homepage as it allows me to have fun by adding different widgets without major restructuring of the site; I can simply add whatever I like inside of the homepage grid (Future enhancements might include some kind of data visualization, recent updates, my Mastodon posts, some pictures… the sky is the limit!).\

I’ve introduced a guestbook as well, enabling visitors to leave their mark. Similar to my previous theme, I’ve incorporated a Theme Selector, offering a variety of engaging color schemes.

When it comes to navigation on mobile devices, I’ve decided to not use traditional JavaScript or CSS solutions in favor of an anchor link directing users to the footer (I got the idea from an idea by Chris Coyer I read years and years ago), where all menu links are also accessible, this approach seems to be effective… I surely like it.

What are your thoughts?