Web podcasts roundup

Published on September 10th, 2013

Ahhhh, who doesn’t love a bit of weekly running/cycling/[$yourFavouriteActivityHere]?

And what if I tell you can keep yourself health AND improve your web skills, at the same time? Of course it’s possible, and the way to do it is though web podcasts. In this post I want to share my favorite ones with you, going from the ones I listen to all the time (you can tell, because I give a description for them), to the ones whose existence I merely acknowledge but have not had time to check out yet for lack of time.
Most likely these are not the only podcasts available on the subject, but they are a) active b) the ones I could find. Please add your entries in the comments!

↦ Shoptalk
Chris Coyer’s (of css-tricks fame) and Dave Rupert have put together an highly enjoyable and super informative show. In some episodes you get guests, in some other episodes they try and answer to as many questions as they can, in what they call “Rapidfire” sessions. Also, it’s a sound effects podcast, super recommended.

↦ The Web Ahead
Hosted by Jen Simmons, this is a relaxed (thanks to Jen’s attitude) podcast about web-technologies, which often features “classic” episodes where web-gurus go way back to the beginnings of the interweb. Most of the episodes feature a guest and are focused on a very specific topic, like “Jekyll and CMS-less websites with Young Hahn and Dave Cole” or “Git with John Albin Wilkins”. You get the idea. It’s good.

This is Boagworld from Paul Boag. You gotta love him – an experienced web guy (I don’t know how to define him better) who runs a web shop (Headscape) and has an innate talent for this podcast thing, where he constantly adds his wit and sense of humour. And, he’s English. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll love the podcast because of the great, lovely, proper, English accent (no offence US friends, but the English accent is THE accent and I think you agree).

↦ The Industry
For a more generalistic point of view, try The Industry, where the subject under discussion is not so much web development or design, but rather, well, you guessed it… the Industry. You get podcasts about different subjects, but nothing technical. I like it.

The Big Web Show
This is the podcast by THE Jeffrey Zeldman (A List Apart, A Book Apart, An Event Apart…). Yeah, the guy who (nearly) invented the modern internet. In this Podcast you get nice and relaxed (maybe even too relaxed) interviews and discussions about various web topics. Check it out, you might enjoy it more than I do – I mean, it’s Zeldman!

↦ The Non-Breaking Space
From Dave McFarland (book author), Christopher Schmitt and Chris Enns comes this extremely good podcast. One you should’t miss, it always has a great guest on. Recommended!

↦ Unmatched Style
Another great podcast which offers both “Draft” and “Bizcraft” episodes. The former is centered around how to technically do the job, the latter is more about the business side of the industry. Definitely filling a hole in the Web Podcast landscape.

↦ The Changelog
This one’s technical and good. Great for geeks.

↦ UX Podcast
I found out about this while writing this round-up, it’s active and seems like a good resource.

↦ Deeply Graphic DesignCast
A podcast about graphic design

↦ Radiolab
Not really web related, but they say it’s good

↦ On The Grid
A design podcast

↦ Javascript Jabber
You guessed it, a Javascript podcast

Also, you can see my list on Kippt. Beware, there are some discontinued shows in there.